PCB Layout

PCB Layout is a high-level engineering tool for board design featuring smart manual routing of high-speed and differential signals, shape-based auto-router, advanced verification, and wide import/export capabilities. Design requirements are defined by net classes, class-to-class rules, and detailed settings by object types for each class or layer. DipTrace features a design process with real-time DRC, which reports errors on the fly before actually making them. The board can be previewed in 3D and exported for mechanical CAD modeling. Design Rule Check with in-depth detailing, Net Connectivity verification, and comparing to source schematic ensure maximum quality of the final product

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    Recent Products

    10mm White LED – Clear

    4.75 (Excluding All Taxes)
    • Brand: EVERLIGHT
    • Forward voltage: 2.8 ~ 5 VDC
    • Reverse current: 60 µA
    • Continuous forward current: 30 mA
    • Peak forward current: 100 mA
    • LED color: White Clear

    1.5F 2.5V Super Capacitor – ELNA

    87.12 (Excluding All Taxes)
    • ELNA 1.5F 2.5V Super Capacitor
    • Manufacturer: ELNA
    • Capacitance Value: 1.5F
    • Voltage Rating: 2.5V

    TTP229-B 16-Channel Touch Detector IC – SSOP-28 Package

    85.63 (Excluding All Taxes)
    • Manufacturer: TTP229-B
    • Operating Voltage Range: 2.4 ~ 5.5V
    • Internal Regulator Output: 2.2 ~ 2.4V
    • Operating Current: 20uA @3.0V

    30K ohm 1/4 Watt Resistor 1% Tolerance

    1.75 (Excluding All Taxes)
    • Resistor Type: Metal Film Resistor
    • Resistance Value: 30K Ohm
    • Power Rating: 250 mW (1/4 W)
    • Tolerance: ±1%

    FA12025M12BPF – 12V 0.3A Cooling Fan With 3Pin JST Connector 2.54mm Pitch – Cooler Master

    192.56 (Excluding All Taxes)
    • 12VDC Cooling Fan
    • Manufacturer Part No: FA12025M12BPF
    • Manufacturer: Cooler Master
    • Rated Voltage:12VDC
    • Current Rating: 0.3A
    • Number of Fan Blade: 9

    27nF/0.027uF 50V Capacitor – 0805 Package

    2.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
    27nF/0.027uF 50V Capacitor - 0805

    1.5mm to 6mm – Ratchet Crimping Crimp Pliers For Insulated Electrical Terminal

    1,275.89 (Excluding All Taxes)
    • 1.5 to 6mm Crimping Tool-End Sealing Ferrules Crimping Tool
    • Type of Tool: Crimping Tool
    • Crimping Capacity: 1.5-6 mm square
    • Operated By: Hand

    74LV1T02GWH – 2 input Single Supply Translating NOR Gate IC – TSSOP-5 Package

    58.21 (Excluding All Taxes)
    • 74LV1T02- 2-input Single Supply Translating NOR Gate IC
    • Manufacturer: Nexperia
    • Manufacturer Part No: 74LV1T02GWH
    • Propagation Delay Time: 3.7 ns
    • Operating Voltage Range: 1.6V ~ 5.5V

    Lipo Rechargeable Battery-3.7V/1000mAH-KP-523450 Model

    240.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
    Lipo Rechargeable Battery-3.7V/1000mAH-KP-523450 Model

    GPS Antenna

    195.00 (Excluding All Taxes)

    Multi Strand Flexible wire-Blue-7/42 thin-(92 meters)

    176.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
    Multi Strand Flexible wire-Blue-7/42 thin-(92 meters)

    L293D Motor Driver Module

    135.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
    L293D Motor Driver Module