LoRa-E5 Mini (STM32WLE5JC) Development Board

2,288.77 (Excluding All Taxes)
  • LoRa-E5 Mini (STM32WLE5JC) Development Board
  • Full GPIOs led out from the Lora-E5 STM32WLE5JC
  • Global LoRaWAN® and LoRa frequency plan supported
  • Long-distance transmission range to 10km (ideal value in open area)
  • Mini and compact size, suitable for rapid testing and building small size prototype
  • Convenient RESET and BOOT buttons on board

RA-08H-KIT – LoRaWAN RF Module 915MHz ASR6601 Wireless Transceiver Controller MCU Development Board-Ai-Thinker

988.77 (Excluding All Taxes)
  • Manufacturer: Ai-Thinker
  • Module Number: Ra-08H-Kit
  • Antenna Form: External SMA
  • Spectrum Range: 803-930MHz
  • Input Voltage Range: 5VDC
  • Input Current: 500mA

RAK5146 – WisLink LPWAN Concentrator 868 MHz SPI Interface Module For LoRaWAN Gateway

11,788.77 (Excluding All Taxes)
  • Manufacturer: RAKwireless Technology Limited
  • Manufacturer Part No: RAK5146
  • Frequency: 868MHz
  • Interface Type: SPI
  • Module Supply Voltage: 3.3V