About Us
Sharvi Technologies is a newbie in the field of Electronics components, projects ad solutions. Founded in 2019
under sharvielectronics.com but we are into this industry from 2013 onward. We intend to provide a convenient and
quick e-commerce platform for customers keeping keen interest in the field of electronics as well as the one who
wants to explore the field of electronics. The platform features around 1 lac in-stock parts with over 10 categories
and 100 sub-categories of electronics components, modules and projects with services across all of them 24×7.
How are we different?
As the time enhances, the market is gradually turning virtual. E-commerce is the biggest part of this virtual world for
real convenience and profit. We may get many such more platform that provides same and more variety of product
with more years of selling experience. But we not only intend to sell our product but we also provide complete
assistance regarding the product usage and features through calls and e-mail to the customer whenever required.