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IRG4PC40UD 600V 8-60 kHz IGBT

245.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IRG4PC40UD 600V UltraFast 8kHz to 60 kHz IGBT

FGA25N120ANTD 1200V/25A IGBT

90.56 (Excluding All Taxes)
FGA25N120ANTD 1200V 25A NPT Trench IGBT


160.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
STGF19NC60KD 600V 20A Short Circuit Rugged IGBT

CT60AM-18F 900V/60A IGBT

215.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
CT60AM 18F 900V 60A High Voltage Current IGBT


225.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
STGW19NC60HD 600V 19A Very Fast IGBT with Ultrafast Diode

FSBB30CH60 600V/30A IGBT

1,765.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
FSBB30CH60 600V 30A Power Conversion IGBT Module


2,787.00 (Excluding All Taxes)

IRGBC30K Short Circuit Rated UltraFast IGBT

245.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IRGBC30K Short Circuit Rated UltraFast IGBT

FR9120N P-Channel Power MOSFET-TO-252

67.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IFR9120N P-Channel Power Mosfet

IKQ100N60TXKSA1-Single Transistor 160A IGBT TO-247 Package

527.66 (Excluding All Taxes)
  • IKQ100N60TXKSA1 160A IGBT
  • Model No: IKQ100N60TXKSA1
  • Voltage-Collector Emitter Breakdown: 600V
  • Current - Collector: 160A
  • Current - Collector Pulsed: 400A
  • Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic 2V @ 15V: 100A
  • Power: 714W
  • Switching Energy: 3.1mJ (on), 2.5mJ (off)

IKW75N60T – High Speed Switching IGBT

412.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
K75T60 - High-Speed Switching IGBT

IXTH6N150 High Voltage Power Mosfet

412.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IXTH6N150 Power Mosfet

IKP40N65H5 – High Speed Switching IGBT

327.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IKP40N65H5 - High-Speed Switching IGBT

IKQ100N60T – 600V/100A IGBT

527.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IKQ100N60T - 600V/100A IGBT


3,046.00 (Excluding All Taxes)

STGIPS20K60 – GIPS20K60 600V/18A IGBT Power Module

2,115.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
STGIPS20K60 GIPS20K60 600V 17A Intelligent IGBT Power Module

IRG4BC30UD 600V 8-60 kHz IGBT

245.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IRG4BC30UD IGBT - 600V UltraFast 8-60 kHz Copack IGBT

IGP15N60T 600V/15A IGBT

233.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
IGP15N60T 600V 15A Low Loss IGBT

HGTG11N120CND 1200V/43 Amp N-Channel IGBT

220.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
HGTG11N120CND 1200V 43A N Channel IGBT

G60N100BNTD 1000V/60A IGBT

250.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
G60N100BNTD 1000V 60A N Channel IGBT

G160N60 600V/50A Ultra-Fast IGBT

375.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
G160N60 600V 50A Ultra Fast IGBT

G15N60 Fast IGBT

235.00 (Excluding All Taxes)

FSBB20CH60 600V/20A IGBT

1,765.00 (Excluding All Taxes)
FSBB20CH60 600V 20A Power Conversion IGBT Module